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May 31, 2011

God Only Cures Things Modern Medicine Can Also Cure.

by juju2112

“I believe with all of my heart that God heals sick folks.”

— Pastor Slate, Colonial Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas.

Isn’t it strange how Christians still have to go to the doctor in order for God to be able to heal them? God just can’t seem to heal broken bones or regrow limbs right there in the church. He can’t rebuild the homes of Joplin, Missouri within seconds. No, God only seems to want to do what normal people can already do themselves.

Why would I need a God that works through the hands of my doctor? I already have a doctor! He can perform his work just fine on his own. Why do I need a god that rebuilds my home for me by asking me to do it? I can do that just fine on my own! It’s like if my wife asks me if I want a sandwich, and I say, “Sure!”, and she replies, “Great! Now make it yourself.”

I need a God that can do impossible things, like granting me the power of flight. But God won’t do impossible things, because any religion that believed he could would very quickly be proved wrong and begin losing followers. Harold Camping’s sect was only crazy because Camping made a claim that could be proven wrong in a very obvious way. Successful religions must have a plausible excuse for why God won’t do things that nature or science couldn’t by themselves. Something like: “God could do really cool miracles…. he just doesn’t want to.”

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