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June 2, 2011

Atheists Know God Exists And Just Won’t Admit It.

by juju2112

The pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Cabot, Arkansas has stepped into the conversation about the United CoR vs. CATA lawsuit.

From his blog:

Question: Why are atheists so “evangelistic” (for lack of a better word)?

The Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason promotes the need for community on their website. “Atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists, skeptics, non-religious, lost tourists, and the confused are all welcome to join us!” ( They encourage coming together for informative activities and dialogue – their own version of church, I guess.

The motivation behind their “evangelism” (their version of good news) is that man can be good without God. As they put it, “Our understanding of what is good relies on human reason and compassion, and not on theistic or supernatural beliefs.”

Hey, this guy gets it! It’s really refreshing to hear from a pastor that actually understands our position. Lots of nonbelievers are good people, and they form their morals on the basis of their reason and compassion. He might disagree, but at least he gets where we’re coming from.

I can explain the evangelistic part (although I’ve written about it before). There are tons of people in our community who think we’re evil, despicable people who wouldn’t think twice about raping women, slaughtering babies, or even cheating on our taxes. It’s just prejudice, plain and simple. It’s so bad that teenagers have been kicked out of their house when their parents realize their child is an atheist. We want people to know that we’re good people.

Another part of it (which I’ve also written about here) is that because theists base so many of their beliefs on faith instead of reason, they can be almost impossible to have a meaningful conversation with. That’s not to say theists don’t have valid viewpoints. They often do. However, if your position is taken from the bible, there’s no point in discussing it with you because your position isn’t very likely to change. Atheists want to meet up with other atheists in a community of their own so they can enjoy conversations with others who have beliefs that can be reasoned with.

And therein we find the heart of the issue. This isn’t just about whether or not God exists. This is also about sin and depravity. This is about whether man must repent, believe and be born again to be restored to goodness before a holy and righteous God or whether man can reason himself out of the quagmire of evil into a state of moral goodness without God.

UnitedCoR is taking this good without God gospel to the streets. “…atheists can on occasion feel isolated when the religious community is so organized and outspoken on issues. We deserve to be heard.”

Yep. This guy gets it!

Yet their desire to be heard affirms their own deep suppressed realization of God’s existence. If God doesn’t exist or even if one truly doesn’t know that he does, why care what anyone else thinks, says or does? The truth is we know. They know. Humanity knows. Man has since the Fall cried out against the God they know to be there.

Whoah! Where in the heck did all that come from? Okay, I’ll be reasonable.

Atheists do not believe in God. I don’t know how I could convince you of that, though, other than by just stating it.

So, why would he think that? Is it because he can’t think of any other reason why atheists would be so outspoken? How about the fact that if God doesn’t exist, millions of people are living a lie? Isn’t that reason enough to speak out? Or the fact that major political positions are now being shaped by those false beliefs? These beliefs do affect us, you know.

Or perhaps it’s because belief in God is so deeply entrenched in the pastor’s mind that he literally cannot imagine the concept of someone not believing in a God. I’ve been a believer before, and it was 100% dead-simple obvious to me that God existed. To suggest otherwise would have been ludicrous. I didn’t understand the fallacies involved, of course. But when religion is that deeply entrenched in your mindset, you really can’t think outside of yourself.

Pastor, if you’re out there, I’d be curious to hear more from you!


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