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June 4, 2011


Tulsa Bus Driver Passes Out Bible Tracts & Candy

by juju2112


Pictured above are the bible tracts that Greta MacLean’s son brought home from school recently. Her son got them from the bus driver during the last week of school. He had been handing them out to kids along with candy. What was stamped on the back of each tract? “Calvary Chapel Tulsa”.

I found all the tracts on Ray Comfort’s website. That’s right, mister banana-man himself! You can read the contents of them here:

Greta is a member of the Atheist Community of Tulsa. So naturally, she was concerned about this. She called the Tulsa Public Schools Education Service Center. The person she spoke to said that this was in clear violation of their policies and assured her that disciplinary actions would be taken. Apparently, the candy violates policy as well, due to some children potentially having food allergies or diabetes.

Clearly, theists have a high incentive to proselytize to children. Kids often accept whatever they’re told because their higher reasoning functions haven’t fully developed yet. They also don’t have the experience to know when they’re being fed a pack of lies. If theists can get kids when they’re young, they most likely have a believer for life.

Thankfully, the school seems to understand the law here. I’m glad this was just the actions of one person and not a policy of the entire school. However, it is another incident to add to the many church-state violations that have been popping up recently. Is this happening more often, or are we just starting to notice more?

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  1. Jun 5 2011

    Ugh! Just ugh! That bus driver is lucky my Son wasn’t on that bus, because my Son would have given the driver an ear-full!

    I think it’s a combination of both … we’re noticing it more because it’s happening more. Theists are feeling threatened.


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