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June 5, 2011


God Won’t Save Atheists From Tornados

by juju2112

According to some, it wasn’t chance some people in Joplin survived the tornado. Because those people prayed, God spared them.

He allowed me to pray over him and we briefly talked about the fact that his closet being literally the ONLY thing left on his structure wasn’t luck or chance.  Chuck said that he and his wife don’t pray, but his wife began praying when they heard the sound of a freight train coming at their house.  I can honestly say I feel like God has clearly revealed his power and himself to Chuck, and Chuck is searching and thinking through some things.

Do you have any idea how insulting this is? What about the 142 people who died? Is the assumption here that they were all atheists, Muslims, and Hindus? Given the distribution of religious beliefs in our area, I think we can safely say that most of them were probably Christians. In fact, I think many of them were probably on their knees praying before they were brutally killed by a tornado that God could have stopped.

tornado1This is confirmation bias in its sickest form. I can’t fathom the rationalization that must occur for someone to believe that God is capable of saving someone from a tornado but isn’t willing to stop the tornado entirely. And furthermore, that he’s not willing to save ALL Christians from the tornado. I mean, come on. The tornado slammed a hospital directly. Why would an intelligent and benevolent being allow that to happen? Isn’t it more likely that God doesn’t exist and shit just happens?

Prayer does not work. If you drank hot tea in the closet and the tornado didn’t kill you, you could just as easily say that drinking hot tea repels tornados. Stop ignoring the times when your magic doesn’t work! Pay attention to the misses!

You know what I say? The next time a natural disaster comes by and destroys your community, throw your hands in the air and shout, “Hasa Diga Eebowai”.

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  1. Liz Brooks
    Jun 5 2011

    These thoughts trouble me as well-I hate the thought that the people that lose loved ones berate themselves because they may not have prayed hard enough, or that their prayers weren’t valid, or that if the man down in the hole would have JUST gone to church, he may have been spared. Weather is capricious, unpredictable and powerful-and WILL move things around a bit, as will earthquakes, bodies of water, and other things completely out of our control. I like to feel that the planet is shrugging off a few fleas here and there—quite sure no one wants to hear that either.

  2. Felina Smith
    Jun 5 2011

    Is you’re commenter equating humans to fleas?
    Negating the value of human life is just as disturbing as someone claiming a god chooses who to save and who to kill.

    • juju2112
      Jun 5 2011

      I concur, Felina.

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