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June 7, 2011


Non-Christians Should Move to Russia or China

by juju2112

I am often asked why I criticize religion. There is a widespread belief that if we leave theists alone, they will leave us alone. Everyone can live together in peaceful harmony. I’d like to throw out a couple quotes I’ve seen recently that demonstrate otherwise:

In a recent letter to the editor for the Southwest Times Record, Mary L. Crider praises Becky Guthrie for asking her fellow Van Buren, AR teachers to become prayer warriors with her.

Thank God for Becky Guthrie and those who have brazenly joined with her in calling upon the true and living God, for his help.

Hebrews 4:15 (NIV) says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet he did not sin.”

God is the only real source for our nation’s problems. Until our nation turns whole-heartedly to him there will be no recovery.

We have plenty of fools like John Brummett, who does not express the feelings of most people in Arkansas or the United States. He calls for anything that is religious to be thrown out. People who think like him should move to China or Russia, where they would welcome ungodly views. But really, they just need to be saved.

It seems that a large percentage of Arkansans are in favor of our government endorsing Christianity. People like Becky Guthrie and Mary Crider want everyone reciting Christian prayers in state-sponsored settings, even Atheists, Muslims, and Hindus. If the non-Christians are uncomfortable with it, they can just leave the country. Or at the very least, we should sit down and shut up. These people see secularism as a disease that’s corrupted our country.

I have to wonder if they would feel the same way if it was Muslim prayers being spread around their children. That’s the thing about being in the majority. You have to try to understand what’s it like to be in other people’s shoes.

Is this the face of a people want to keep their beliefs to themselves? Their ideology is clear to me. If you’re not right with God, then you can’t be good. We should be good, therefore we need to force everyone to submit to my brand of religion.

Regardless of what you believe, it should be obvious that Fundamentalist Christians are on a mission to insert their religion into everything. And with good reason! After all, it is the source of all morality. But to say that we should just sit down and let them be is to placidly accept the theocracy they want our nation to become.

The Louisiana Ten Commandments Monument

Just one more quote. Foundation For Moral Law spoke recently on their blog on how awesome their progress has been on getting a monument of the Ten Commandments installed on the Louisiana capitol grounds. The bit at the bottom where they speak about the opposition is relevant:

But not everybody is happy about it. Rep. Rosalind Jones argued that a monument to the Napoleonic would be better and that, although most of the state has a Christian background, “we do represent a large percentage of the population that does not follow the Ten Commandments.”

Representative Jones, that sounds like an excellent reason to install the monument!

So, the general feeling is that if people don’t follow the ten commandments and aren’t Christian, that’s even more reason to plaster Christian relics all over government property. After all, they’re heathens who are going to hell! Non-believers need to get on the bandwagon or get the hell out of the country.

ten_commandments1The first five of the ten commandments are completely stupid and don’t reflect my morality in any way. And many of my morals aren’t represented in the list, like being against slavery and torture. This list of commandments is pretty far from something I would hold ideal.

But who cares what I think? I need to leave the country! I need to shut up! I am in the minority, so I don’t matter. That’s the message this sends me.

These aren’t the worst moral offenses theists have done. I’ll have other blog entries for those. These just show that not only do many of them not care about secularism, they are actually opposed to it. And they have very good reasons. If Christianity is the only way we can be good, then these actions make perfect sense. Why waste time fending off the tentacles when you can attack the root of the problem? You can be good without God!

That is why I speak out.

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  1. Jun 7 2011

    Forget “…if Muslims…” dude, that’s ‘extreme’ thought (strawman). As fractured as Christianity is on the whole, I have to wonder if a Methodist screaming for prayer in school would be ‘sated’ if the state said “Ok, but we’re going with the pentecostal (or whatever) doctrine…not Methodist.” LOL. The screamer would probably STILL picket because the ‘right’ Christianity wasn’t being enforced, am I right?


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