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June 9, 2011

Christian Prayers Don’t Bother Christians the Slightest Bit

by juju2112

The GetReligion blog made the following comment recently regarding the fight over the wording of a prayer for a Memorial Day invocation:

I rarely hear a prayer I agree with and I’ve yet to be too bothered by it. I expect that individuals praying publicly are praying according to their own conscience, not mine, and I respond accordingly. If I’m able to pray along, great. If I’m not, no sweat off my brow.

Perhaps the reason this person hasn’t ever heard a prayer they don’t agree with is because they live in a predominantly Christian country. How do you think people would react at a Memorial Day celebration if someone got up to the podium and started reciting a Muslim or Hindu prayer? I dare say there would be some outrage. And yet, there are probably veterans of these faiths in our military.

That’s the point of secularism. You can’t please everybody. You have the choice of either allowing everything, which pisses everyone off, or not allowing religious displays at all.

You’ve never heard a prayer you don’t agree with that bothers you? I consider that a challenge. The next time there’s a religious display at a government event, I’m going to give this prayer:

Dear Nonexistent God, which makes sense since you don’t exist, please don’t bother to bless our food today. For there is no reason for you to do so since you don’t exist–obviously. Please make sure that you continue to live in your nonexistent state for the way that you are portrayed in the Bible makes you sound like a very jealous, vengeful, and evil God. Praise Darwin!

Incidentally, this was originally a much shorter comment to the above mentioned blog. It appeared on their site for a few minutes and then mysteriously disappeared. I can only assume it was deleted. Perhaps the reason the original poster has never seen a prayer that bothered them is because they actively suppress speech they don’t want to hear? It sure must be nice living in your own bubble of reinforced opinions.

(Credit goes to Carl Sagan’s Dance Party for the atheist prayer)

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