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June 15, 2011

Psst…. Hey kid, come ‘ere.. you want some Euphoria?

by juju2112

In a recent letter to the editor, Gary W. Lemon wrote:

God, through his son Jesus Christ, offers us a free gift just for the asking. It’s called salvation. When we ask and receive the gift we have a euphoric feeling of peace and realize nothing else matters but him. Plus, we have the promise of a euphoric heaven. We are called conservatives. Many so-called Christians and preachers never had this experience and have formed pseudo-churches that are nothing more than community centers.

BOOM! It’s the No True Christian card! Can I play this card on people too, or do I have to be self-righteous first?

Let me tell you something, Mr. Lemon: Your euphoric feelings don’t mean shit. You can experience euphoria from anything if you get yourself in the right state of mind. The brain is very powerful. You can make yourself feel and see anything you want. You can’t trust your personal experiences. Start filtering out your brain’s natural biases, and you’ll be shocked at what you find.

To all the liberals, atheists and socialist Communists, what can you offer to top that experience? You’ve made a world heaping full of vile filth and degradation. You want us to believe if we are tolerant with people whose only intent is to kill Christians and Jews, thereby removing God from the earth, everything will be hunkydory. What inflated egos you have to believe you can change what was predicted 2,000 years ago. And you call us foolish. These are wars of good and evil and cannot be stopped with peace talks, treaties or negotiations.

Atheists offer reality. There is comfort in knowing that your beliefs have the highest chance of being true, because they’re based on good evidence. We may be wrong sometimes, but we can change our views when more evidence is discovered. Each time new evidence comes to light, our worldview becomes more and more accurate. Additionally, our position on things can actually change if someone offers a compelling argument.

We offer a system of morality that’s based on reason. We believe in building a better world, because it’s the only one we’ve got. Rather that waiting around for the end times, we value the life that we have right now. We believe that individual responsibility builds character, because if I kick you in the balls and then apologize to God for it, I’m still a dick. And is it really fair to punish my kids for it?

Atheists believe in lots of things. If you’d actually talk to them instead of calling them scum and damning them to hell, you mind find out that we are a nice, diverse bunch of people.

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