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June 20, 2011

There are no Atheists in Earthquakes.

by juju2112

From a letter to the editor by Butch Blancq recently:

A different definition

Definition of an atheist: First person to start praying in an earthquake.

So, once again, you have a guy who’s so overpowered by religious delusion that he literally can’t imagine someone not believing in God. To an atheist, his statement is obviously laughable. To a theist, it’s obviously true. If we went to the trouble to disprove it, they would just ignore us.

There’s already a big list of Atheists in Foxholes that’s been started. I suppose now we’re going to have to start an Atheists in Earthquakes website? Why bother? This could go on forever. We could create a list of thousands of atheists who didn’t pray in earthquakes only to have the saying change to nuclear bombs or tsunamis. Isn’t this a little childish? Why can’t theists just accept that some people don’t believe? Step outside yourself for just a second. It’s the first step towards empathy.

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