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July 6, 2011


God Takes Sides in Wars

by juju2112

NPR played a story this morning about a teacher with a master’s degree enlisting in the military. They really played it up like he was an intellectual who decided to serve his country in the military. I was really into it until this one bit right at the end:

“We’ve had some close calls. We’ve had, like, Marines who’ve taken bullets to the Kevlar and abrasions on the back of their head, but nothing more than that. … For me, my faith — God has really been looking over us.

Now, I am totally aware that many intelligent people believe in God. I immediately lost respect for this guy when I heard this, though. How can anyone with good analytical skills not have thought this through?

20110706-091528.jpgAm I to believe God picks sides in wars? That God loves America and not Afghanistan? I’m sure the enemy prays to their God, too. But we’re right and they’re wrong?

What about the thousands of U.S. troops who died? I guess God decided not to guide the bullets away from them? Did those dead troops offend God in some way? Did they not pray hard enough? Why did God let them die? If God is saving some troops but not others, I’d sure as hell like to know why.

Does that mean God is for Americans killing Afghan insurgents? What about “Thou shalt not kill”? Are there exceptions to the ten commandments?

It baffles me that someone who has spent time and effort feeding their intellectual needs has never taken the time to ask themselves these questions. If anyone has an explanation for my questions, I would love to hear it.

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    Jul 18 2011



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