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August 5, 2011


The Stick and the Carrot

by juju2112

I saw this sign this morning. Don’t you just love it when you’re threatened on your morning drive to work? I’ve actually reviewed one of the sermons from this church before. I should do another one. They seem like fun people.

Let’s recap the lessons of this message, shall we?

  • I’m a bad person. You’re a bad person, too.
  • Believe what I believe, or you’ll be burned alive.
  • God created hell and the rules that cause you to go there. But you send yourself there by breaking the rules.
  • A god who allows torture is perfectly good.
  • We should worship the god that set up a scenario where people are tortured.
  • If you don’t teach your children these lessons, you’re a bad parent.
  • Being afraid is a great reason to believe in something even if you’re not sure it’s real.

Obviously these lessons seem ridiculous to me. So why do I feel like I need to explain why I think each of them aren’t true?  This country need serious help.

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  1. Aug 5 2011

    Nice. I saw a church sign as I drive today that said, “Why do you doubt?” I said out loud, “Because there’s no good evidence.”

    • juju2112
      Aug 5 2011

      And I’m sure the people who put that sign up have never spoken to an atheist before. So they honestly don’t know the answer to their question.

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