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August 11, 2011


Response to Theist Facebook Posts

by juju2112

The Arkansas Buzz Facebook page linked to a news story today about the United Coalition of Reason’s lawsuit against the Central Arkansas Transit Authority. There’s a court hearing happening today over the lawsuit, and so this is in the news again.

The Coalition of Reason wanted to put up their “Good Without God” ads on some Little Rock busses. The bus company gave them the run-around, and eventually demanded exorbitant deposit fees in case the billboard was vandalized. At the same time this was going on, the bus company was green-lighting ads for Christian organizations like it was nothing. Unfair treatment? That’s what the courts will decide.

And of course, Arkansas commenters were out in full force to display their opposition to this lawsuit.

Ok, atheists don’t hate God. We don’t think he exists. You can’t hate something you don’t believe in. What we do rage against is the numerous political actions taken by believers, who are not guided by reason in the slightest. I can see how you could confuse the two.

And isn’t it nice to see yet another Christian who looks forward to laughing with glee while we’re screaming in torment in hell? No sympathy for people who are going to be tortured? What the hell kind of religion is that? Mind you, I don’t believe in hell, but this statement does reveal a lot about this person’s character.

And the last comment above seems to imply that atheists are all immoral and trying to escape punishment by fooling ourselves. That sort of statement can only be made by someone who doesn’t know any atheists. Atheists are every bit as moral as anyone else. How dare you imply that I’m a bad person. I don’t answer to your God, and I am a good person.

And also, what’s up with talking down on even questioning God? Asking questions is bad? I don’t think so.

No one says the universe came about by accident. Go back to science class and study harder. There are laws that the universe goes by. What you see is a result of those laws.

Just because you don’t understand the universe, that’s not a good reason to believe a God exists. It’s a good reason to say, “I don’t understand this.” There aren’t “default answers” to life’s mysteries. Figure it out and get some evidence for it, or admit that you just don’t know. And if you want to believe in God, get some evidence for it. Ignorance isn’t evidence.

As to the prayer-in-schools lady: I need to be run out of town, eh? That’s real neighborly of you. Thanks a lot! What happened to loving and neighborly? And how would she feel about teacher-led Muslim prayer in schools? Just a thought.

As far as beating people over the head with their ways of thinking, drive around Arkansas for just a little while and look at all the religious billboards there are. Get some perspective. You have tons of media. We barely have any, and when we do request some, we get prejudice. Do you really think you have a right to speak your mind and we don’t?

This is a WTF if I have ever heard one. Those busses run religious ads all the time! The bus company was approving ads at the same time they were giving the atheists the run-around. Do you define “fair” as Christians being able to run ads and Atheists not being able to? Or did you just jump to conclusions because it’s okay to demonize atheists?

I’m sure you’d love that. We should just let you run roughshod over the country, denying gay and lesbians their civil rights, promoting creationism in schools, delaying climate change policies, and lobbying for the banning of abortion (because we all know a microscopic clump of cells has a soul!).

You see, sir, your beliefs do not live in a vacuum. You use your beliefs to inform your actions. And sometimes, I dislike those actions. When I feel your fundamental beliefs are flawed, I’m going to go after the flawed beliefs. It’s not because I hate you. It’s because I think the world would be a better place without your illogical actions.

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  1. Allen
    Aug 11 2011

    Random Christian “Prayer has been banned from schools”

    FALSE: kids, teachers, other faculty can and do still pray in school, they just have to pray to themselves and not at an group event.

  2. Aug 11 2011

    Many just don’t understand the reasons that one would be an atheist. That hateful crap they spew is just ignorance. The sad fact is that ignorance is dangerous.


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