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August 14, 2011


Religious nutjobs are doing something? Hey, let’s get those cameras rolling!

by juju2112

I submit for your consideration this news story from Jacksonville, Arkansas:

Jacksonville community gathers for back-to-school prayer (video on the linked page)

The first day of school marks a new beginning for students and Sunday, several members of the Jacksonville community decided to show their spiritual support.

“Three moms who are all public school employees here in Jacksonville just got together and kind of all expressed a need. We want the best for our children, we want the best for our students. I think like anywhere, there is poverty, there is abuse, there is all that negative stuff that our children have to overcome, ” says Stephanie Burrows, a fourth grade Jacksonville school teacher.

Burrows and two others decided to host a prayer walk, a time to pray at all 12 public school campuses for the coming school year.

“We put it out on Facebook, good ole Facebook, and talked to fellow friends and community leaders and as you saw at the turnout, this is what happens in Jacksonville when the community comes together especially when it comes to our schools and children, ” says Burrows.

Sarah McCormick teaches at Jacksonville High and says she has no problem praying at a public school.

“I think it’s separate, but very inspiring. And everything has its place but I feel like this is just a way that the community and all of us can show our support. Just another way, ” says McCormick.

How is it that story like this can air without a single skeptical voice being heard? Oh sure, there’s the token, “Hey, what about separation of church and state?”. You don’t hear anything at all about prayer never, ever having been shown to work, though. We can’t have people saying that on TV in Arkansas. It might piss somebody off. No, the whole feel of the story is warm and fuzzy, like it’s a good thing to be delusional. Where’s the other side to this coverage?

Is this bias just a one-off incident? Am I imagining things? Hell no.

‘God’s hands’ save Hooper boy after 21-foot fall on head

No one knows better than Cayden Rawson’s parents how lucky he is just to be alive.

The look from paramedics as they arrived June 5 after the Rawsons’ 11-year-old son fell 21 feet, landing on his head and side, told it all.

“It’s out of your hands,” Cayden’s mother, Amy, said in describing what the faces of the paramedics told her. “It’s in God’s hands.

“The fact that he wasn’t in 500 pieces was miraculous in and of itself. He landed on his left side in a heap of sheet metal pieces and cement.”

But now the family is realizing that Cayden’s brain may make a full recovery.

That’s a miracle far greater than they ever could have expected.


The mother said she’s sure those prayers resulted in a divine intervention that allowed him to heal.

“There is no other explanation,” she said. “We have amazing friends and family that cared and love him.”

Where’s the voice of the expert in this story saying there’s no evidence of magic? Where the statistician to explain that sometimes shit just happens? Where’s the coroner to show them the dead bodies of the thousands of other people that miracles didn’t happen to?

Isn’t journalism supposed to be impartial? Aren’t they supposed to get to the truth? What happened to both sides of the story? What happened to really digging in and getting to the facts?

Okay, maybe I’m being silly. It’s only two stories. Surely, I can’t find THREE stories from this month that blatantly peddle religion.

93-year-old preacher remains strong in faith

“One night I was taking off a bandage and a hunk of flesh just fell off, and he was bleeding,” she said. “I called for Willie to come dress it. I just couldn’t. I went next door to the church and started walking and praying, and a song just came out. It’s called ‘Just Keep On Trusting,’ and it was God encouraging me to keep believing him that everything was going to be all right.”


“He came in and put his hands right on the sores and started to gently pray,” Roberts said. “We prayed long into the night. When we rose the next morning, I went to check on Richard, and there were scabs all in his bed, and his skin was healed. There wasn’t even a scar on him. God healed Richard and he never had another problem with it. Like the song God gave me says, Jesus is the same today as he always was, and we can always trust him no matter how hard or long the difficulty.”

What the hell good are CoR’s “Good Without God” signs with stuff like this being reported all the time? We need to get some experts in the state together and start demanding that the media get rationality heard in these kinds of stories.

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  1. parker rawson
    Sep 21 2013

    dang right your being silly, that is my brother who fell from a 21 foot silo, prayers are not in vain and they are not unheard, you need to watch your mouth. Miracles happen all the time and you are too stupid to realize. Before you say there isn’t a good you should pray about it yourself to know for sure. I am very offended that you commented like that.
    God works his wonders in weird ways and all we can do is be one his side.

  2. juju2112
    Sep 22 2013

    Your offense means nothing to me. Do you realize people pray all the time for people who end up dying? People are suffering misery every day. They pray and there is no relief. Yet your brother is somehow better than all of them?

    Doesn’t it make more sense that it’s just luck? You need to stop looking at your tiny world and see the misery that is left unanswered.


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