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December 23, 2011

God Glasses

by juju2112

This video is from Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Can you believe what these morons are saying?? Here are 10,000 reasons why they are wrong.

Just kidding, I completely endorse this message. In my experience, when people are rude to others, they often just don’t understand where the other person is coming from. We should all try to relax a little and dig a little deeper before being angry at other people. You’ll often find a whole other perspective you didn’t get before.

I cover some pretty controversial topics here. It’s not because I’m a huge troll (Ok, I am). It’s because I find these topics fascinating. As a result of the strong opinions, though, discussions can get pretty heated. I’m trying hard to make sure I criticize only beliefs, not people. It’s too easy to blur these together in religious and political discussions. I think people will respect my arguments better if I stick to this philosophy.

Ok, ok, I can’t let this go without one little jab.

Disclaimer: “God Glasses” also come with inability to see hypocrisy or logical fallacies.

(via Reddit)

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