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December 29, 2011


Christmas: A Great Opportunity to Proselytize

by juju2112

My 8-year-old daughter was proselytized to again at her grandparent’s house. The relatives knew my wife and I wouldn’t be there to intervene, so she was taken into a room for 20 minutes and given a lecture on “the reason for the season”. They covered Jesus, loaves-and-fishes, the resurrection, the whole nine-yards. She was also told that she would be getting a bible and that she should read it cover-to-cover.

089860f81cbored_girl_jpgOf course, this has already happened once before. They know we are atheists and they don’t care. There wasn’t any crying this time, though. She was just bored and annoyed. She said she just found a hole in the blanket and stared at it the whole time.

When my oldest was in kindergarten, another child told her she was going to burn in hell for not going to church and that they couldn’t be friends anymore. Terrible, huh? Well, it happened again two years later when our youngest child went to kindergarten. That’s just what this place is like. People teach their kids to be bigots.

My kids don’t want to hear about religion. They think it’s boring and stupid. They just want to watch cartoons and play with Webkinz. That’s the main reason I never talk to them about it, despite being obsessed with the topic myself. I respect my children’s wishes. The more people keep trying to push this stuff on them, the less they care to hear it. Kids are funny that way.

I found a website today that’s entirely dedicated to preaching to children. This article on the site is particularly relevant:

Too Much Church! 5 Dangers Facing Over-Churched Kids


4. They Don’t Feel Their Lostness: Many over-churched kids don’t know what life is like without the comforts of faith. Their brain say ‘forgiveness’ before their heart feels ‘I’m sorry.’ Because they know about grace, they have never really struggled much with guilt.

Yes… that’s the problem. Kids don’t feel terrible and guilty enough. We’ve got to make them feel despair so we can get them hooked!

The pastor at the church I visited recently mentioned in his sermon that the meaning of Christmas was to proselytize to unbelievers. I asked him about it afterwards, and I didn’t misunderstand him. That’s the meaning of Christmas to him: to convert unbelievers. Not spending time with family, not loving your fellow man. Proselytizing. Somehow, all this war on Christmas nonsense make sense to me now. It’s a ruse to preach to people.

Tonight, my daughter told me, “I just want to believe what I believe and people to leave me alone about it.” With whole websites, books, and organizations dedicated to getting children entrapped in this stuff, I doubt she’ll be left alone about it anytime soon.

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  1. Dec 30 2011

    So, is your policy towards your child’s grandparents going to change? Do you confront them on the God issue?

    • juju2112
      Dec 30 2011

      I don’t know. It’s my wife’s family, so I don’t feel justified making up rules on my own. I have encouraged her to confront her mom and set boundaries. She’s not like me, though. She doesn’t like confrontation. Maybe I’m making a mistake there, I dunno. I don’t feel like it’s my business to go ruining someone else’s relationship with their parents.

    • Dec 30 2011

      It’s an interesting problem, to say the least. I have a “Talk to your parents or I will discuss the matter with them myself” policy with my wife. I only had to invoke that bit once, and it was concerning a non-religious topic. On the whole, I’m fortunate in having a rational wife and in-laws.

  2. Jan 1 2012

    My wife’s parents are the same way. We got the proselytizing to stop by giving my in-laws an ultimatum. They either stop or lose their privilege to see the grandkids.


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