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January 4, 2012


Isolate Your Kids!

by juju2112

My youngest daughter has strep throat, and my oldest has pink eye. We went to a local walk-in clinic yesterday and acquired eye drops and Amoxicillin. We had the following conversation with the nurse practitioner that saw us:

Wife: “They’re supposed to be in school tomorrow! I can’t take another day of kids!!”

Nurse practitioner: “Well, the eye infection is probably from a virus, so antibiotics won’t really do anything. But I’ll go ahead and prescribe you some anyway, and you can just tell the school she’s already been taking it for 24 hours. That way, she can go to school. You can just cross your fingers and hope she doesn’t get sent home”.

Me: “Uh… isn’t it contagious?”

Nurse practitioner: “Well, yeah. That’s why they don’t want them in school.”

Okay, she was nice and all, but I have to ask. What the hell kind of attitude is this? How many kids have gotten sick at school from their classmates because of this? Just because the person sitting on the table can’t get any worse by going to school doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


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  1. Bruce
    Jan 4 2012

    The stupid playing to the ignorant. It seems more important to get the kids out of the house and the parents way than to actually do whats right for the children. How? When? Where did this attitude come from? We truly do live in a profoundly sick society.

    I don’t know whether I am thankful that you bring this up so that we can all become more aware or if it is just going to piss me off for several days to be reminded of just how stupid our nation has become.


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