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January 23, 2012

Inklings of Feelings

by juju2112

At the church I visited last Sunday, there were talking up their missionary work in Mexico. They also encouraged church-goers to go on mission trips themselves. The speaker explained why people should go like this:

These types of trips can be very rewarding. You may think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it. We all have responsibilities. But if you just feel a tiny nudge, or any inkling at all that maybe you should go, that’s God talking to you! Don’t ignore the Word of God!

It scares me to think of people figuring out life decisions based on inklings of feelings. I prefer a reasoned weighing of the pros and cons. If you just blindly go for something without thinking about it first, who knows what the consequences might be?

This also reminds me how great a revelation it was to me that my thoughts were just my thoughts and nothing more. I ascribed supernatural origins to some of my inner thoughts. I made decisions based on those thoughts. It made me happy, but it was not truth. Which is more important?

Also, to any religious folk who may be reading this, you might find this video by DarkMatter2525 interesting.

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