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January 29, 2012

Cal Beverly Does Not Want Atheists in Public Office

by juju2112

It seems there’s a bit of fear-mongering at a recent appointment of an atheist to the Board of Education in Fayette County, Georgia:

Under the old qualifier, “some of my best friends are … (fill in the blank),” we’re not talking about your garden variety village atheism here. We are talking about in-your-face, proselytizing atheism, which seeks to banish all trace of the great monotheistic religions from every square inch of the public square.
These are not live-and-let-live, mind-your-business-and-I’ll-mind-mine true nonbelievers. No, these folks deeply believe that most of us religious folks (mainly of the Christian variety) are just simply stupid and that our stupid religion should be ridiculed as myths.
They hold in pure contempt what most of us in Fayette County consider to be holy. They reserve their highest contempt for Christians who dare to proclaim their faith.
I feel betrayed by the four sitting members of the board of education. Is this the best they could do?

Wow. It seems that America has a “religious test” for office after all.


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