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February 1, 2012


School Refuses to Distribute Pagan Spell Books to Students

by juju2112


According to Fox News, a school in North Carolina has been questioned for distributing bibles to its students:

The Gideons International had delivered several boxes of the sacred books to the school office. The staff allowed interested students to stop by and pick them up.

So, what’s the big deal, man? They’re just bibles! Maybe those people should just GET OVER IT!

Ginger Strivelli, who practices Witchcraft, a form of Paganism, said she was upset when her 12-year-old son [who did not wish to be photographed for this article] came home from North Windy Ridge intermediate school with a Bible.


According to Strivelli, the principal assured her the school would make available religious texts donated by any group. But when Strivelli showed up at the school with pagan spell books, she was turned away.

Oh… Well, those religions don’t count! We only want Christianity promoted by the school! I do not want the rights granted to MY religion granted to other people’s religion! If other people get the same rights as me, then that’s not fair!! Special rights for me and no one else!!

Is the first amendment starting to make sense to anyone now? Shouldn’t it be clear to everyone that Pagans deserve the same rights as Christians? Or are they to be considered second-class citizens because of their beliefs?

[via Ken Ham, whose nonsensical drivel isn’t even worth responding to.]

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  1. Jessica King
    Feb 1 2012

    They only want god in government as long as it’s their god. Sorry it doesn’t work that way.


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